Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

This is my first post. Well, that's a lie. This is the fourth, first post. I keep reinventing my blog. I read a lot of fashion blogs and half the time I think, "I can do that." So, I guess I'm going to try out doing that (this is where the pole crashes through the kids car in Final Destination 19).

Lets see, what does a first post consist of? Maybe I should give you a taste of my style, or a picture of my face... maybe I could drag that out just to see if you're loyal, because I've been so loyal to blogger with my post-deleting.

If this were an online dating profile this is the point in the About Me that I'd express how much I enjoy coffee with a cube (y'all know I don't use cubes) of sugar and Pure Bliss, Sweet Cream creamer and how great the fall is. But since this is a blog about fashion (with some, slight emphasis on coffee being amazing) I will leave you with a little taste of what to expect(next post I'll include things you shouldn't expect of me)...

Saints gear! Love, Junkfood Sweatshirt. Boutique 9 sandals, H&M purse (sowhatwhocaressoold)

Bunch of babes in Rainboots.

More Saints love.
Puppies need love too.
Loft Cardigan, F21 dress

Wait... is it cooler to put the pictures before the blog text?! Is the word cool even a thing?! I'm so untrendy on this blog stuff. Is untrendy even a thing? Auto correct is saying nay. Don't worry i'll catch up and become the coolest, trendiest blogger ever; I'm a quick learner. Priorities, goals! Layers, CLOTHES.