Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last day of October...means:

Did you guys know that today is actually Halloween? Right? I was pretty much convinced it was Saturday.
Anyways, the little kiddies come trick or treat at the Uni that I work for so I decided to mix my awesome dress that I posted about last week with a little Halloween. It was like a half-ass costume, yet... not. Perfect.
Even sported the whiskers, as all true Leopards should. 

Anyhow... Happy (October 31st) Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh... did you come here to see fashion? or just every black dress I own?

Sweater dress: H&M// Blazer: H&M// Tights: AE// Flats: Target// Circle Scarf: H&M

Can you tell we just got H&M here? Can you tell I have started my winter search for all things black/grey? IT'S COLD. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures, Halloween weekend, Cloud Atlas.

Happy (early/adult/weekend) Halloween! 
My girlfriends and I went out Saturday for Halloween, and if you're having trouble understanding my costume, please refer to this video and rewatch WW:

here's some fun shots of Saturday

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
School girl and Batwoman: always BABES!

So, after an okkkkk Halloween (mostly due to wearing a beard) and lazy Sunday with Lorna was much needed. It's become a slight tradition for Lorna and I to use our Sunday for good food and dog walks in the park. This week the high was ~50F, so the most exciting part was getting back to the car to turn on the heat! or maybe the hot wings, ha.

 So, FRIDAY! You guys. My friend Logan and I (photo for reference, because who doesn't love looking at cool/cute dudes that are fluent in German? amiright?):
Please excuse my friend Tyler creepin' like usual back there
saw Cloud Atlas! I cannot tell you a single thing. I mean I think I got it... but I didn't get enough. I'm obviously about to spend too much money watching it several times. First, I will say it's amazing. Then I will say there's so much to take in during the 3 hours you're watching this movie that you cannot even speak to the person you're with. Literally Logan and I did not speak for 3 hours. Afterwards we both just couldn't get over what just happened. We tried to make sense of it all, but kept figuring out new things as we'd talk, things like "That's the same person as before!", "that's the statue!" etc. Personally, I still feel very out of the loop... I'm probably going to go see it alone this week at some point so I can focus on little things rather than the general movie. Sorry. I have so many feelings about this film. Also, Halle Berry is PERFECT. I can't take it. Honestly, how is she real?

So now that's i've had a post full of babes and gave you the best review of Cloud Atlas ever... hope your Monday is great. I'm going to audit some files and keep thinking about Halle Berry's face. Le sigh!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why yes, this is my first use of GIF's on my blog.

This weekend is ~Halloween weekend~ for most all the adults on the planet. I have a few tips on being the best you can be this Halloween.

1.) Own your costume. I couldn't honestly care less what you are or how shitty your costume looks, own it. Don't disrobe half way through the night and change into your polo and khakis. First, people in the bar are waiting to use that stall you are getting naked in. Second, you care too much about those people at the bar, if this happens, you need to reevaluate your situation.

2.) Don't wear the store-bought sexy outfits. Hey, you want to be sexy? Be the least clothed person at the bar, work it, wear the hell out of it, I will probably tell you how awesome you look. BUT don't show up sporting a sexy nurse/sexy witch/sexy Harry Potter (don't even know what that means, tbh). Just don't. We've all seen that white, polyester, sad excuse for a tube top dress with the shiny, plastic, red cross on it. It's been done, and last year Busty Brenda looked just as awesome in it as you. Get creative.

3.) Don't drink and drive; drink and make out with whomever you want, though. Also, if you are going hard both nights this weekend, I have only this to say

Have a good holiday weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursdays things I [dis]like

I'm thinking about starting a weekly blog ~segment~ basically just an ode to things I use and hate, then sometimes like, then use, then stop using, then pick up again. You get the jist of this. It's basically an ode to my hypocrisy! I HAVE FEELINGS AND THEY CHANGE A LOT. OK.

Anyways, we will see if this sticks.

Let me begin by saying, yes I use Foursquare. No, it is not on my main page anymore.

SEE?! Excuse my mess of an iPhone life. Sorry, not sorry for my connected life.

FOURSQUARE. Did you know everytime I go to a certain bar I get a free draft if I check in?! Because that is exactly why I use Foursquare now. I don't mind being found by my friends or exes or whomever loves me enough to be on my FSQ, but I want it to automatically do this for me. I am so lazy and in reality no one really cares where I am. It's fun knowing where people are, but I only want to know when it's convenient to me (don't realllllly care if you're at the grocery store, tbqh). This is why my friends and I use the FindMyFriends app, which is basically a creepy GPS tracker for people you allow to track you. Luckily it's secure (so... I hope) and I can choose who stalks me, which is basically the people I'm always with.

All in all Foursquare is great for getting free things when I check in and well, nothing else anymore. That, by no means, means I will stop using it and competing for mayorship of my universities common area.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holyyyyyyyyy hollllllyyyyyyyyy fashion post

This is the holy grail of all fashion things I will post. It involves great fabrics and leopard. Pretty much SET in this outfit. I want to wear it everyday and do twirls and junk.

Dress: Gap// Cardigan: Target// Wedges: Target

So, anyways this dress comes in petite and Gap is great with smaller sizes. Also fixed my wedges with black nail polish... at least until I break down and purchase new ones. I hate HAVING to shop. Shopping should always be fun, not a chore.

It's also Fall. IT'S FALL. This weekend is Halloween and 2011 was a good year for Halloween, I spent it in Chattanooga, TN with a man friend of mine, check it.

I was a Zom-Bee, yeah, yeah, har har and my friend was the singer from Hocus Pocus. I'm still working on this years costume, and if it doesn't ~turn out~ then my back up is 2011's witty costume.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Would you look at that body language? Legs crossed towards each other. That is an unequivocal sex invite.

My girlfriends and I talk about men a lot. That's because they always leave us with someone to talk about, whether it's an amazing night or a lackluster, terrible, gag me with a spoon date. Always something to talk about.

We know by nature it's a mans desire to have what he seeks and sometimes (hunter statz, f'real) [most the time] they get it all wrong. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times (in our group of exceptionally amazing girls) they've gotten it All Wrong. So... listen. Put down your motorcycle magazine, close the Google Chrome window that contains all the questionable things you been looking at as a result of doing it all wrong, and read.

1.) Focus, dude. Learn to pay attention to what a woman says and know what to remember. Her birthday is a month away, bam... here's a chance to impress her. Is she drinking beer? Does she love beer?! Oh there's a brewery down the street she hasn't been to?  Sometimes it's that simple. But I'm a woman, I get this junk.

2.) Her friends should fall in love with you. This this huge. I mean The Spice Girls used questionable wording with their Zigga Zig hit, but really, "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends." Out with her and her girlfriends? Buy a round. I'm not saying get your flirt on with her hot friends, but the girls gon' talk after you leave, or when she leaves your place (yeah, you're hoping) and you want everything she says about you to be good, but really you should also be serious about making sure what her friends say is even better. Do I look like I'm kidding here?

3.) Kiss the girl. Some people might be more modest than others, but personally? Kiss me. I lovehate the wait, but that first kiss reminds me you're interested, and makes my guessing game less such. Don't get me wrong, I said lovehate. There's a part of me that loves it, that freakish game playin' version of myself that loves the chase and yearning... whatever, kiss me, dammit. I remember when my best friend of 7 years kissed me out of the blue at a bar last year, he literally said, "I've wanted to do that for 7 years." All my first kisses have been memorable, and most have been on the first date :-o (*NOTE: this might not apply to all women)

4.) Recognize the competition. Here's something: you're not the only dude after this girl. She's smart? cool? pretty? Dude, you've got competition. Get your hand out of your pants and do work.

5.) Entertain meeeeeeeeeeee (and i'll entertain you back, cross my heart). I don't want to sit at your house every night and bake cookies. Let's go play. Let's meet up with friends (que 2), LET'S PUTT PUTT and eat corndogs.

6.) Consistency. I never realized how much this mattered (or maybe I just couldn't figure out the word to label it under), until that same best friend (3) told me about his new interest. He said he liked her, but since seeing her was now ready for consistency. They'd only been on a few dates and I cringed at the thought of consistency meaning "let's go in a relationship" on the Facebook. But, he didn't mean that... he meant he needed her to either like him or not, and show it or not; don't give anyone this back and forth bull.

You like her? Then tell them one good time, show them, and be consistent with your words and actions.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend in picture.

Friday! Hockey game.

Lorna searching for food in the back of the arena.

Saturday night Ashley and I went to Nashville to watch yet another hockey game (if you hadn't guessed Ashleys boyfriend is a hockey player, which is why I spent all weekend being hockey-fied)

Caught on camera.

Sunday was for brunch and park time with Lorna, which is how my last few have been spent. 
Always a good Sunday, which makes for a good Sunday nap.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Material things.

I am on a product kick lately. I've been looking for the best things so that I will stop being so wishy washy on what I buy when I go to the store for the essentials.

1.) I recently bought the 1 inch barrel curling iron and IT'S PERFECT! My other 1.5 inch was making my curls fall too easily so 1 inch it is. 2.) Aveda Green Science Face Wash. Aveda is usually worth the money, IMO. Have you tasted their tea?! Mmm. 3.) This Yes to Carrots shower gel is so great! I tried it at a friends and now i'm buying $8.00 shower gel, when I used to be a bar soap lady. 4.) I don't wash my hair a lot, this speaks for itself ;) 5.) Hook on Palmers lately! It used to feel a bit greasy, maybe I'm drying out with age, but now I love it. 6.) Forever 21's L&B Gold Perfume! I smell like a laundry basket AND I LIKE IT.

I also recently switched to BB Cream (cheapy brand) and I totally get the hype now. I might look into the ~higher end brands~ but for now... Garnier is workin' it.