Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures, Halloween weekend, Cloud Atlas.

Happy (early/adult/weekend) Halloween! 
My girlfriends and I went out Saturday for Halloween, and if you're having trouble understanding my costume, please refer to this video and rewatch WW:

here's some fun shots of Saturday

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
School girl and Batwoman: always BABES!

So, after an okkkkk Halloween (mostly due to wearing a beard) and lazy Sunday with Lorna was much needed. It's become a slight tradition for Lorna and I to use our Sunday for good food and dog walks in the park. This week the high was ~50F, so the most exciting part was getting back to the car to turn on the heat! or maybe the hot wings, ha.

 So, FRIDAY! You guys. My friend Logan and I (photo for reference, because who doesn't love looking at cool/cute dudes that are fluent in German? amiright?):
Please excuse my friend Tyler creepin' like usual back there
saw Cloud Atlas! I cannot tell you a single thing. I mean I think I got it... but I didn't get enough. I'm obviously about to spend too much money watching it several times. First, I will say it's amazing. Then I will say there's so much to take in during the 3 hours you're watching this movie that you cannot even speak to the person you're with. Literally Logan and I did not speak for 3 hours. Afterwards we both just couldn't get over what just happened. We tried to make sense of it all, but kept figuring out new things as we'd talk, things like "That's the same person as before!", "that's the statue!" etc. Personally, I still feel very out of the loop... I'm probably going to go see it alone this week at some point so I can focus on little things rather than the general movie. Sorry. I have so many feelings about this film. Also, Halle Berry is PERFECT. I can't take it. Honestly, how is she real?

So now that's i've had a post full of babes and gave you the best review of Cloud Atlas ever... hope your Monday is great. I'm going to audit some files and keep thinking about Halle Berry's face. Le sigh!

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  1. I wanna see Cloud Atlas, so let's go sometime this week/weekend!