Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wearing and coughing.

Dress: Old Navy// Cardigan: Anthropologie// Wedges: Target

Blah blah blah, I'm sick. I am foggy and constantly trying to breathe. Wuddup fall weather change?! If I get an ear infection I will die, you guys, DIE. I might try and post an actual post with words and thoughts, when I am clear headed and able to have thoughts. My thought process right now is "Focus, work, don't go to sleep, make sure you remember to eat."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The ole coax and capture

 Dress: Banana Republic outlet// Cardigan: Target// Wedges: Target

Black and grey mode. Need. More. Black. Items. At least there is grey~

Friday, September 21, 2012

Buh bye, c-ya latur, pasta luigi.

I'm considering changing the name of my blog to "In a Rush: Wear All Black."
I can't wake up early to save my life! Today I did and ended up having to help jump off a car, ha. My point is somehow I am destined to be in a rush in the mornings. I feel like I should roll into work with a huge apology note strapped to me, "SORRY I AM LATE. ALWAYS. I KNOW."

Wrap Dress: Old Navy// Flats: Target// Bow: Stellaspace

This weekend I get to make the 6 hour trek to Monroe, LA. You've never heard of Monroe, LA, you say? Monroe is this little, small, baby town in Louisiana that is mostly known by me for Johnny's Pizza and sweet, sweet memories and friends. I dated a guy for 4 years (I hope he doesn't read this, ha, embarrassing) that was from this small town and for 4 years I drove back and forth with him, spent holidays there, met some really awesome people. When this guy and I broke up it was sad to know I wasn't going to be making normal trips to see all the people I knew I'd miss. I finally made the plans and I leave tonight after work.

I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend in Monroe. Also a lot of driving to do tonight after work.
I'm thinking coffee all. night drive. long.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention my cool border up there.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Black

inception/easily entertained

Shirt Dress: Gap// Tights w/Rose Print: AE// Wedges: Target

It's just all black today. It's the first Real cold day (high: 72) in Alabama and I don't hate having to break out my tights. I hate that I look like a walking black hole blob, but black is ~chic, right? Those are the black wedges I have been hunting a replacement for, they have teeth marks on them and I'm just not looking down all day.

I mighttttttt have gone a little stir-crazy and placed a $100.00 order to Forever21. I needed everything I bought, ok? I mean who doesn't need a sequin dress? So, that said... now I'm researching ways to wear a sequin dress on normal days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cardigan: Target// Button tank: Forever21// Pants: H&M// Shoes: Anthropologie//

1.) The next month will be a stupid compilation of things that can be worn in hot and cold weather. It's going to be terrible and I'll spend most my time complaining. 
2.) I am finally getting back into my weekly workout routine! I had to take a break due to overwhelming workloads (which is great, keeps my job around).
3.) I want to spend more and more time cuddling with my baby ewok, it's getting a bit out of hand.
(Uncanny, right?)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend update!

Had a blast this weekend! Spent much time with my girlfriends, who are the funnest, funniest, and weirdest. Here's some shots from Oktoberfest.
Huge beers and schnitzel, basically we were in heaven.
Fun House fun
Before the terrible fair rides...
... that I avoided by being the bag and beer holder. ;)

Sweet friends.
Mardi Gras photoshoot

Sweater: Old Navy; tank: AE// Shorts: Hollister (long, long ago *I was 17, which makes these shorts ~8 years old)// Boots: Target

I had to watch out for the paparazzi, since I started blogging I know people are lookin' for me all around town. I'm so famous. aaaaaaaaaand hashtag sarcasm

Friday, September 14, 2012

I am so excited about fall.

I really enjoy cool mornings and when the sun is shines, but doesn't burn my skin. I like boots and a good pumpkin ale. I remember driving through Tennessee a lot in the fall. Alabama is great, but I find a portion of my heart always lingering in Tennessee. I have met such great people in Tennessee and the fall colors seem to be brighter in Tennessee, and the air crisper. I have such fond memories of that state and I visit less and less, until lately. Lately, I am getting my fix of the Tennessee air, when I'm there I feel at home, I know the roads, the place that makes the best egg sandwich, the church that makes me feel most welcome, and the location of the best record store. I love my home town, do NOT get me wrong, I am so lucky to have been brought up in such a great place and surrounded by only the best people ever, but I can't say my itch to visit Tennessee is ever gone.

Someone once told me to visit Maine in the fall, every fall I think about this(see above photo). Maine in the fall has become somewhat of an unforgettable lyric to me. I can't unthink it and every year I want to see it more. So my vow is to visit Maine in the fall before I turn 28; that gives me a good 3 years to get there, which gives me 3 falls to wish... maybe 2, whatever! Maybe I'll just go this fall.

Until then, I'll just continue to wear my boots and eat my egg sandwiches, but I won't take my drives through Tennessee for granted anymore. I'll stop and look at the trees and I'll drink my coffee outside, maybe I'll even buy a record player.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

LOFT Cardigan

 Cardigan: LOFT// Button up: Target// Pants: Gap (another petite dream)// Mary Janes: Target

I am normally all over my black Target (yes, I shop there too much) wedges I bought about a year ago, but my parrot-dog (as seen below)

decided to sink her little puppy teeth into them, now i'm on the hunt for new black wedges for the fall/winter. 
I'm thinking about these from Urban, in black:
So stupid that they are $60.00 and mine were year round and only $20.00.
Damn my cute dog and her baby teeth! 

For now, I will abuse my Mary Janes. I don't hate'um.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Liberal... what?!

I work in a university in the Financial Services department. I love my job. I've been committed to Higher Education (specifically Academic Advising) since my demise in all degrees. It's not that I couldn't cut it or failed out... It's that I had no idea what I wanted to do, when I realized I wanted to work in a university I had this moment of pure freak out in the thoughts that surrounded a career that didn't have a specific degree track.

There's rarely a school you come across that provides a Higher Education degree program. So... after beginning with business, going through a brief thought of going through dental school, taking a semester to hate nursing, almost getting my teaching certificate... I settled on the Liberal Studies program at my university. Best. Decision. Ever?

This is where you do that weird "I DON'T KNOW" face. Because WHO gets a liberal studies degree, right?! Other than the people who really don't want a job... amiright?!
Oh, the degree where you PICK the classes you want to take...?

Well, it's pronounced ~Bachelor of Science~ thankyouverymuch. I have been the preacher and the preached on this topic. I can't say this degree track was the first thing I thought of... and I'll never be able to administer medication or say I'm great at nuclear engineering, but I can say I'm marketable. I was never a traditional student, actually I held down a full time 9-5 job for most of my college career. There was that time I was working two retail jobs and going to school full time, then there was the 1.5 years I worked for the government and enjoyed extravagant holidays and pizzas on Friday, then a stint in Nursing school, while working at Anthropologie 30 hours a week, my 2 years at a moving company where I quoted moves for people that complained about paying for good looking guys to move them, and my last semester in college (the semester I decided to quit Elementary Education) I got the offer I'd been waiting for. When I got the call that I was going to be paid a salary and finally get to work within the university; I can't say I didn't do that stupid happy dance everyone talks about (because I did). 

The choice to work within the university was not just a pay increase, but it was an actual step towards my career. That's one of those moments you can't help just know is a huge stepping stone. There are somethings you wonder about, then there's the obvious "this is going to benefit me in a huge way" stone you fall on and lay there for a moment wondering how you got to be so lucky.

So now, here I am not only getting great benefits and working in the general area that I spent so much time worrying over. I'm finally making progress towards becoming an Academic Advisor. I'm gaining experience and loving my job while I do it. Helping college students with their financial aid can be a huge pain, especially when you give the same "stay on top of it" speech 171 times a day, but I'm so happy to be where I am. I love my job! This is the exact spot I hoped I'd be when I graduated and it's a beautiful thing. 

So here's what I have to say about you liberal studies degree seekers/holders. Get it, GET IT. TWERK IT. You are talented, you are smart, you should be proud of yourselves, and embrace your talents and skills.

Oh, clothes... It's pretty boring lately, but...
Shirt: Target// Pants: H&M (worn too much)// Shoes: Target (run, don't walk, buy)
PSA: Your boss might make fun of your shoe choice, just remember how great you are at your job and how much everyone is going to envy you ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Update

Spent the weekend in Nashville with friends. Spontaneous weekend trips with my favorite lady friends to my favorite city is always something I look forward to. Basically a weekend full of coffee, brews, pup dance offs and sushi with bacon.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nose post, boop!

It's Monday, I feel like talking about plastic surgery. 

For the longest I was unhappy with my nose, there were times I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin or pulling my hair out of my face and it almost always 100% directly related to my honker. I didn't have a super huge, crazy large nose by any means, but it made me feel less beautiful and that sucks.

So, I lived with that nose for 24 years. 19 was the first time I really considered Rhinoplasty, I even went to a plastic surgeon and had him show me what I'd look like with a small snout. It was a terrible experience and though I loved the way my computer generated nose looked, I hated the doctor and how I seemed to just be a young woman that he didn't need to be his patient! Either he was incredibly busy or he really didn't care that I was there.

Feburary 2011 my hunt was back on. I found a surgeon who fit well with me and had a great reputation (he'd actually done some work on my mom a while back). We set the date for May 22, 2011. I was excited, scared, nervous, and honestly ready to pee in my pants the night before the surgery. I actually went to a baseball game and downed a beer to ease the nerves.
Day of surgery: don't remember this photo (thanks painkillers).

4 days after.

7 days, one of my first days back to work.
I had a gnarly black eye for a while and was scared to wash my nose after the splint was off on day 8, but all in all it was a great experience (as great an experience as I could have having my face beat in). Now I have a great nose (in my opinion)! Not gonna lie, it's weird knowing I had "Plastic Surgery," it's not something I ever thought I'd identify with. I love my new nose and I'm happy with how it turned out. I am all about loving yourself and I did/do love myself, but I'm glad I took the chance (and had the opportunity) and fixed the thing I wasn't 100% happy with. I'm also excited I get to spend the rest of my life with my sloped, thinner nose (I can even wash it without fear, now). :)