Friday, September 14, 2012

I am so excited about fall.

I really enjoy cool mornings and when the sun is shines, but doesn't burn my skin. I like boots and a good pumpkin ale. I remember driving through Tennessee a lot in the fall. Alabama is great, but I find a portion of my heart always lingering in Tennessee. I have met such great people in Tennessee and the fall colors seem to be brighter in Tennessee, and the air crisper. I have such fond memories of that state and I visit less and less, until lately. Lately, I am getting my fix of the Tennessee air, when I'm there I feel at home, I know the roads, the place that makes the best egg sandwich, the church that makes me feel most welcome, and the location of the best record store. I love my home town, do NOT get me wrong, I am so lucky to have been brought up in such a great place and surrounded by only the best people ever, but I can't say my itch to visit Tennessee is ever gone.

Someone once told me to visit Maine in the fall, every fall I think about this(see above photo). Maine in the fall has become somewhat of an unforgettable lyric to me. I can't unthink it and every year I want to see it more. So my vow is to visit Maine in the fall before I turn 28; that gives me a good 3 years to get there, which gives me 3 falls to wish... maybe 2, whatever! Maybe I'll just go this fall.

Until then, I'll just continue to wear my boots and eat my egg sandwiches, but I won't take my drives through Tennessee for granted anymore. I'll stop and look at the trees and I'll drink my coffee outside, maybe I'll even buy a record player.


  1. I love fall, it's my favorite season. I've never been to Maine during fall but I have been there in summer, and it's gorgeous!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  2. I can't wait for fall either! It's so hot here in California. I usually love the hot weather, but after 6 weeks of 90 degree weather, I'm so ready fo sweater weather. Can't wait to see pictures of Tennessee in the fall, keep us posted.

    Eau de Violet

    1. Exactly. After a whole summer of never getting below 90 degrees i'm legitimately done with pools, heat, and sweating.

  3. Sounds amazing! I love fall! Perfect post darling