Friday, October 26, 2012

Why yes, this is my first use of GIF's on my blog.

This weekend is ~Halloween weekend~ for most all the adults on the planet. I have a few tips on being the best you can be this Halloween.

1.) Own your costume. I couldn't honestly care less what you are or how shitty your costume looks, own it. Don't disrobe half way through the night and change into your polo and khakis. First, people in the bar are waiting to use that stall you are getting naked in. Second, you care too much about those people at the bar, if this happens, you need to reevaluate your situation.

2.) Don't wear the store-bought sexy outfits. Hey, you want to be sexy? Be the least clothed person at the bar, work it, wear the hell out of it, I will probably tell you how awesome you look. BUT don't show up sporting a sexy nurse/sexy witch/sexy Harry Potter (don't even know what that means, tbh). Just don't. We've all seen that white, polyester, sad excuse for a tube top dress with the shiny, plastic, red cross on it. It's been done, and last year Busty Brenda looked just as awesome in it as you. Get creative.

3.) Don't drink and drive; drink and make out with whomever you want, though. Also, if you are going hard both nights this weekend, I have only this to say

Have a good holiday weekend!

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