Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursdays things I [dis]like

I'm thinking about starting a weekly blog ~segment~ basically just an ode to things I use and hate, then sometimes like, then use, then stop using, then pick up again. You get the jist of this. It's basically an ode to my hypocrisy! I HAVE FEELINGS AND THEY CHANGE A LOT. OK.

Anyways, we will see if this sticks.

Let me begin by saying, yes I use Foursquare. No, it is not on my main page anymore.

SEE?! Excuse my mess of an iPhone life. Sorry, not sorry for my connected life.

FOURSQUARE. Did you know everytime I go to a certain bar I get a free draft if I check in?! Because that is exactly why I use Foursquare now. I don't mind being found by my friends or exes or whomever loves me enough to be on my FSQ, but I want it to automatically do this for me. I am so lazy and in reality no one really cares where I am. It's fun knowing where people are, but I only want to know when it's convenient to me (don't realllllly care if you're at the grocery store, tbqh). This is why my friends and I use the FindMyFriends app, which is basically a creepy GPS tracker for people you allow to track you. Luckily it's secure (so... I hope) and I can choose who stalks me, which is basically the people I'm always with.

All in all Foursquare is great for getting free things when I check in and well, nothing else anymore. That, by no means, means I will stop using it and competing for mayorship of my universities common area.


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