Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holyyyyyyyyy hollllllyyyyyyyyy fashion post

This is the holy grail of all fashion things I will post. It involves great fabrics and leopard. Pretty much SET in this outfit. I want to wear it everyday and do twirls and junk.

Dress: Gap// Cardigan: Target// Wedges: Target

So, anyways this dress comes in petite and Gap is great with smaller sizes. Also fixed my wedges with black nail polish... at least until I break down and purchase new ones. I hate HAVING to shop. Shopping should always be fun, not a chore.

It's also Fall. IT'S FALL. This weekend is Halloween and 2011 was a good year for Halloween, I spent it in Chattanooga, TN with a man friend of mine, check it.

I was a Zom-Bee, yeah, yeah, har har and my friend was the singer from Hocus Pocus. I'm still working on this years costume, and if it doesn't ~turn out~ then my back up is 2011's witty costume.

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