Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ode to coffee

Okay, not really an ~Ode~ because let us get real, I cannot for the life of me write a poem, song, or even rhyme a single thing with the word coffee. It makes me wonder if there's a song about coffee, because I commend them on rhyming the un-rhymable. But this is a tribute (yes, better word, but doesn't have the ring "Ode" does).

Oh, another thing that gets me pumped on random Thursdays...?
This song on my iTunes on the way to work. Hope it's stuck in your head all day 
and your coworkers hate you for humming it and passing along the craze.

I am a huge fan of Community Coffee. I was once an avid Starbucks drinker, that got expensive and IMO Starbucks kind of has a burnt taste. Now, I am not one to say I never drink it anymore (I mean sometimes you just gotta drink what's available), but I'll take my brew any day, any day, anyyy day (there's the coffee kicking in). 

There was a time I didn't drink coffee. I actually didn't buy my first coffee pot until last year. Best. Purchase. Ever. I remember going into coffee shoppes in Nashville (you know the really cool, hip ones that make you feel like less a person if you order anything else?!) and feeling so sad I didn't enjoy coffee, it smelled so good. There were times it'd be so cold outside that I would drink a cup, but it was merely to warm my bones. Anyhow, what matters is my appreciation for coffee now. I'm warm, I'm awake, and I'm alert (and sometimes off the wall).

 Blouse: LOFT// Pants: H&M (similar)// Heels: Urban

Today is one of those "Focus on the shoes, focus on the shoes" days. 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by ModaMama! I'm totally following you now because you sold me with your ode to coffee. Btw, you might enjoy my own ode to coffee vlog going live tomorrow morning ;)