Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bella Boots: This is Embarrassing

So remember when Twilight came out and you all went and saw it and I was like "that's dumb, no I won't go"? Ok, that's a lie and I saw Twilight, I liked it, and I was like I need those Bella Boots. They were Sorels, but Bella Boots sound more ridiculous... so anyways, now that I'm more a loser than before you read this, it's officially cold outside and I got to wear my ~Bella Boots~. First I had to find them and somehow that hiding spot was the attic? Why does it seem like my shoes just end up in very odd places. This isn't the first time; there was the time I found my shoe in the pantry.
Tank: Hollister// Sweater: Gap// Leggings: F21// Socks: Target// Necklace: Urban// Boots: Bella

Day after Christmas was day of seafood; oysters were had by all, and to all a good night. 

As per normal holiday tradition, tonight I will go to the bar with a few of my favorites and complain about all the tinsel that's still up! SOMEONE BURN IT.

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