Thursday, December 13, 2012

the half turned page

How great is this image?!

Ok, this.

Just because you think you like the man you meet shortly after your serious relationship ends, the people that say "he's just a rebound" are actually correct.

Here's the deal and I hope none of the people I write about have stumbled on this blog, especially this guy, because no one wants to know they're merely the bounce back off the man that was for keeps.

So, it happens to me every time, because I usually refuse to contact or at least try and stay away from said ex-boyfriend(s), because really... what good comes of ex-contact, especially in the first uh, 5 years? Remember that whole half the time you were together bullshit from that terrible episode of Sex and the City that every girls refers to? I never saw it, but I'm calling BS. Anyways, back on topic.

So, in the months (or days: probably shouldn't have been dating you anyway) you're listening to Adele, sobbing, and dripping tears into your Ben and Jerry's after a terrible break up, we all have the right and desire to go a little crazy. We have weird thoughts and sometimes we just need company in those. So why not attach ourselves to the first male that has a decent hair line, doesn't shave his arms and will probably, most likely fall in love with you? Right?! I did this, well, the hair line was questionable. Dude was arguably normal and played guitar a lot. He was sweet, kind, cute, all the good things, but in the end I just needed a distraction from my everyday-crazy thoughts. Our ~relationship went from this is fun to this is far too intense to deal with when I'm still listening to Adele and have just started eating solid food again. Even my family felt bad for the guy, "He's really sweet, it's sad he's just a rebound." By this point I was thinking, well I like him, I'll figure it out, that blew up in my face. Apparently you are not allowed to vent about your previous break up with a current interest. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THIS IN COLLEGE (damn that programming class)? Also, confessing you're still not over the ex is a great way to end something if you want them to disappear for months. *Shrug* Ok.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a terrible person. I felt terrible, but my head told me one thing and I was still upset! You do unknowing, terrible things when you're 1.) angry, 2.) drunk, 3.) in the middle of forcing yourself over a good love. I had to learn to apologize, be alone, and talk to Just Friends about these things. That said, as the girl that had her heartbroken and then hurt a few people because of that, it sucks and hurting that guy was mean and cold hearted, but Thank Everything Good that the rebounds have moved on and are happy, I'm so happy for them (and I, because BULLET DODGED).


  1. happens to everyone my friend and I agree, there should be a relationships class in college!

    1. Right?! Just something that tells you "well youll totally get heart broken, but youll break some too, so... there's that!"