Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things I [dis]like:


Can someone please explain why it exists? You know why? Because at one point it provided me with things I would use. Now Groupon is a House Cleaning, Tire Rotating chamber of adult things and I am sick of it. I want a discount on a bounce house or sky diving, not a Groupon for half off the same Boot Camp class every month.

There was a light last week; Groupon. Hot Yoga. These two things combine. I pounced on it, read the fine print, etc. Well, apparently I didn't read it well enough and MY BAD. Well, I wanted to get something out of the Groupon, so I went to them and the owner was willing to work with me, the sassy man receptionist... not so much. He said AND I QUOTE, "I refuse to honor that Groupon." OK, BYE NOW.

I understand, I messed up, and I fessed up, but work with me. As a business you should be happy to work out a deal (and you have the authority to do so), so work with me; I know it's asking a LOT (sarcasm), but work with me. 

Anyways, I still think Groupon can be a bummer in most cases, but they did refund me the money I spent on that lame-ass Groupon without any lip. So props to you G-poons! I will not unsubscribe to you, but get some better deals... I can only love you for so long.

Oh, but I do need to share something I like....
I love you all. You are welcome. *Bows*

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