Monday, February 25, 2013

Pink Glasses. Totally normal.

Sweater: Aerie// Pants: Gap// Flats: Gap

Can you see dem specz? Either way those will be around more often, so you will see them. I like them as far as glasses go, I hate pink in most cases (trying to warm up to the color), but I got these last year and don't hate them. I got them after my second visit to the eye doctor and we decided on a light Rx due to me getting severe headaches after long hours staring at the computer (who knew), then never reallllllly wore them. Guess what! If these glasses will fix those headaches, I guess we'll get together more often, like today. SO glasses folkz, I'm in d'club now, what's up with those people who don't wear glasses? Weird. They just don't get it/us, yanno? It's a glasses person thing. YANNO.
Also, there was much hair cut to be had this weekend, I have so many feels about haircuts. I literally turn into a puddle when someone touches me, so when it's one to two hours of head touching... seriously you can't make me any happier.

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