Friday, February 8, 2013

Weird weather calls for orange heels

Sweater: Old Navy// Skirt: Anthropologie// Heels: Urban

Let us pretend that second picture isn't blurry and that my skirt isn't turned. Lets also pretend I DON'T NEED A HAIRCUT. This mane is out of control, especially after I wash it (hence today). 

Weather talk: the weather is great lately... or maybe my body is just being normal and not at a constant 75 degrees instead of the norm.

In other [exciting] news, I totally shotgunned my coffee this morning. Like, record speed, seriously, it's gone and I haven't been here 30 minutes. 

In serious thoughts, I was talking to a friend over dinner and we started talking about our ways of "dealing with shit." People deal with things a lot of ways, and my way has been one of two, I either talk about it, get it off my chest (this is usually when I feel comfortable enough to speak about the situation/with the person) or I do the reallylllyyyllyyyyylyy adult thing and pull away, disappear and give up on said situation/person. 

So once I had this friend that I couldn't bear to tell was making me feel weird, there was advice given (not the advice I needed [wanted] to hear), and a lot of "momma bear talks." During these times I wanted to cuss and scream and I wanted to be consoled and encouraged to cuss and scream, not talked to like I was 12.5. Big girls speak up and say that, I backed away and disappeared. Granted, it's hard to approach that situation properly when you're just pissed off and making a stank face throughout the time spent talking. Even to this day I don't know how I'd go back and approach the situation in a gracious fashion, but it taught me a lesson. Sometimes speaking your mind isn't a bad idea, because honestly people don't know. I had to sit myself down and wonder if I'd really know what someone was thinking, especially since I wasn't blessed with Miss Cleo super powers. Lesson be... it's probably best to talk about said "shit." Yanno, being 25 and all... adult stuff. Glad we can all agree. Kbye.

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