Friday, March 1, 2013

here's to a whole lot of nothing.

Sweater and button up: Old Navy// Pants: H&M

I wore this... Wednesday? I wish I had more [interesting] words to write here! Got a lot on my mind, so that usually translates to not knowing what to type that it's spilling my guts to the whole internet, slash making my mayhem Google searchable. Ew, that sounds terrible.

I will say this hair cut is really making me want more gone.

Also, this week is coming to an end and I successfully ate semi-healthy. I feel pretty great, a lot lighter, I think this is how a body should feel. I've also been working out twice a day. Now, by working out I mean during lunch I will go run a mile and then after work I will do something like Pilates, Turbokick, or something that gets me going. Again, this has been really nice, kind of refreshing, plus it helps me control bringing my lunch and not shopping on break. Yes, I am totally into tricking myself into things.

This weekend I'm going to try and stay on track with the food, other than the fact I AM going to have some Etouffee from my fav New Orleans-style place. AM. I WILL. Saturday my friend Tom and I are going a mud hike in the 30-40 degree weather. Sunday I will most def having coffee with an old friend from High School, then breaking out the BIKE. It's pretty cold out, but I just really need to be outside this weekend. 

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