Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Lists I Make In My Head

Tunic: Anthropologie// Skirt: Target// Wedges: Target

Things that are good:

1.) Jeans (that are not jeggings) fitting properly
2.) Kittens
3.) Having an iPhone on a plane
4.) Girlfriends
5.) Finding a perfect spot on a mans chest to lay
6.) Coffee, all kinds, all flavors, just gimme dat
7.) Trips
8.) Having a semi-secret swing in your downtown
9.) Late night drives that involve karaoke
10.) Lake days; lazy, lazy lake days
11.) Knowing you're no longer "entry-level" in your field
12.) The razors with the soap built in (!!!)
13.) People who abuse SnapChat as much as yourself
14.) Knowing you get a whole weekend with your fav girls
15.) Everything surrounding all of the above

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