Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bright pink skirts should always be worn... all the time

Shirt: Anthropologie// Skirt: LOFT (same shape and way bossier print ifyouaskme)// (Brown)Wedges: Target

Be aware this skirt comes in Petites (dance, dance, dance).

I was in hurry and I can't actually remember picking up this top. I haven't touched it in over 2 years. It's such a good top and I've just avoided it for over 2 years?! Have you ever done this? I kind of hate crew neck shirts so I put this shirt in auto "not wearing you" pile, but I keep it around because it's an easy piece (and I paid good money for this top).  

I learned my lesson, I will stop judging my clothes on their hanger. I will also stop avoiding clothes for 2 years, this I vow to you.

BTW Living Social is doing a Starbucks deal, you crazy Starbuckians.