Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beware: Adult Post

Shirt: Forever21// Jeans: Forever21// Wedge Booties: Old Navy (last year)

It's nice to be back at work after a long weekend. It's nice to get back into normalcy once you've had a fabulous 25th birthday weekend. I spent most the weekend eating and catching up on blog reading and finding some new and inspiring blogs to read. It was a good weekend, though Monday it seemed that every coffee shoppe was closed! FOR GOODNESS SAKE. I will deal with Starbucks, but the local coffee shoppe Angels Island is where it's at. Luckily I make a mean cup of Community Coffee: Hotel Blend, so I survived.

It's no where near attractive and it's totally inconvenient for me since it's a 20 minute drive, but their Blond Americano is near perfect. BUT, I didn't get any Angels Island coffee this weekend, womp womp.
I DID get a chance to indulge in one of Mans Greatest Creations: Bread Pudding (hold the raisins, thanks).
All in all, food, cuddles, puppies, food, celebrations with friends, and internet. Good 3 day weekend. 
I'll take it.

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