Saturday, September 1, 2012

25 down, 75 to go.

I'm still working on how I am going to provide the pictures for this blog. I rarely have anyone around that is able to take photos of my outfits. I don't have some cool, hip live-in boyfriend like a lot of fashion bloggers... sadly I also don't have a baby to fill in the gaps of times I'm not wearing clothes that are worthy of blogging about. I do have a dog.

Meet Milly (yes, that is her crop top and my pile of clothes), we are still working on house training her because, my goodness she loves to poop. She really likes Milkbones and she spends a lot of her time burying them in my bedding; this is cute... and terrible when you forget about the bones.

Oh, last night/today was/is my 25th birthday. This is my "I'm kind of getting old!!" smile.

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