Monday, October 1, 2012

Trips and girls

reunited and it feels so good~
I'm so happy I took the time to go to Monroe! I got to visit/hug everyone I know in the city. It was perfect. I  feel elated. What could clear your mind like a weekend full of pizza and hugs? I sound like Barney the purple dinosaur right now. But, really. Got some girl time in, some shopping, and mega chills. 

You know whats great squared? That I went by myself. I had 6 hours to Monroe and back to do a little reflecting. No dog, no person, sometimes no music, just me and a bag of candy. I did talk to myself, I did pray a little, I probably sang Silly Love Songs, By Wings 15 times, and picked my nose.

I'm such a loner, I never have trouble being alone, maybe it's because I rarely am alone. When I get those little moments... sigh, it's love.

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