Friday, November 2, 2012

A Love Affair

Since I birth this baby blog i've had bangs. I'd like to make it known I'm not a regular ~bangs girl. I am very much a side bangs gal, really. Usually in the season of ye Autoom I go through the age old debate of getting bangs (it kind goes like when Mitten interrupts the mod and Obama- Bangs are Mittens). This year was like any other year, I was sitting home on a Saturday night (quiet time for the first Saturday in a while, I remember) talking to my friend Michael, who is killin' it at Harvard Med, bee tee dubya, and just as we got off the phone, I cut them. No freak out, I cut my own bangs every time, but I didn't really mean for the full on bang to happen, I JUST KEPT CUTTING.
The Beginning

Born were the 2012 Bangs. Though a possible oops, bangs and I got along well for a while, they were twerkin' it for pictures and accepting baby powder as a form of hygiene, it was great! They were even there and looking nice for my good friend Kacy's engagement.
Honestly, we were really happy for a while. Tons of selfies were taken during that first month of our bangship, just like any other hairship...
The Unnoticed Distance

The distance wasn't very noticeable at first. It was just a side part here and there, just pushing them behind my ear before bed, or on Sundays...
Then there was a week I didn't wear my bangs at all. Deep down somewhere, I knew then it'd be hard to trim them and maintain them after that week of ~bang freedom~ but I thought we just had a bad week, ya'know? That monday I even got up early, took a long shower and got out and decided to go with bangs. 
The Let's Try Again

That week we bonded. I even trimmed them. I felt like maybe, just maybe, our time apart made us happier... but sometimes it's just not enough. Sometimes distance can be a mere band aid on the situation and like all band aids the sticky, gross junk always fades away and soon after you're left with that exposed wound.

The Inevitable End

I like to think we ended on good terms. It's not like I hate my bangs, I wouldn't take back the time we had together, I mean my forehead was toasty and we complimented each other well at times, I think. I expected us to last a lot longer, not gonna lie, but we I started accepting the end a while ago, which does make this a lot easier. Over forever? I don't know honestly, I doubt it... but, I don't want to give them anymore false hope for right now, it's not right. 

OK. So really I couldn't figure out a way to keep that story going after I talked about about the band aid sticky junk. Gone are the days of the Bang'12. T'was a good run ole bang face and I will probably have second thoughts and think of running back to you because it's easier and comfortable, but I must resist... It's just part of the letting go process.