Monday, November 5, 2012

Row Tide!*

So, I love being outside. I love walking, hiking, just getting out, especially in the type weather we've (the South) had as of late. Sunny and 65-75! That's one of the things the South and I agree on: green stuff.

I've fessed up to my love of Nashville, TN, but I'm blanking on if I've mentioned Chattanooga, TN. I spent a good deal of time up there last fall, and this fall I was excited to get back and play. I stayed with a couple friends and made a weekend of what was suppose to be a day. Snapped a few shots, of course.

It was an amazing weekend to be in Chattanooga with great friends I hadn't seen in awhile. One of the many great things about Chattanooga is the drive; you hit TN and you get lost in a sea of trees, probably one of the easiest drives I make.
Signal Mtn. Hiked part of the Cumberland trail on Saturday.
My long legged tour guide through the trails, had a time trying to keep up.

Drank coffee to this view Sunday morning. I could get used to that.
Row Competition Saturday after the trails. Row Tide!* 

BWag and I putting our beer faces on before the races.
*Not an Roll Tide fan, I'm not opposed to Row Tide because well, gotta support the rowing team, y'all!

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