Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday means Thursdays things I [dis]like

I eat fast food. I am the last person to claim that I enjoy being/eating healthy when it comes to food. I'll follow it up with I LOVE TACO BELL. You guys have no idea the cravings I get for the ole TB, specifically the Chicken Quesadilla. Last craving: Nashville 10/20/12, 9pm. My friend Ashley and I were at a hockey game at Bridgestone Arena. It happened and I almost cried when we didn't immediately exit the building and bee line to the nearest Taco Bell. I was in Nashville, surrounded by 24 hours/7 days a week worth of amazing food and all I needed, all I craved, all I wanted at all was Taco Bell. I got it. Label me happy.

Here's the deal with Taco Bell(and I ONLY feel this about TB in general): the employees are so excited to give you your food. Honestly, they cannot wait for me to put my debit card in my purse, they want me... no they need me to have MY DRINK AND MY SAUCE AND MY BAG OF NONSENSE AND MY MEAL all in one swoop. They must know what that food means to me if I am there. They know their customers only come to them when it's a dire emergency and nothing else will satisfy. Do not get me wrong, between the lady mouthing something about taking a survey and me trying to find a place to put the old Taco Bell cup, I am just as excited to get this food in my grasp, but I have really small hands, you guys, it really complicates things when I find myself choosing what to take first (when we all know I merely want them to place the food directly in my mouth, cut out all mediums to my chewy, little piece of heaven).


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