Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saturday night photo dump

Lorna's outfit: Scarf/Purse, F21// Skirt, H&M// Sweater, Old Navy// Boots: Taiwan
My outfit: Shirt, F21// Jeans, F21// Boots, FRYE

Girls and I went out for Margaritas, then decided it was a karaoke night, and apparently we wanted to drink silly amounts of alcohol. 

We rarely go this hard (or me anyways), but apparently it was due. There was a ton of singing and dancing. It was fun; fortunately, I was not dancing as hard as that girl behind me, my knees would hate me. 

Songs sang: 
Baby, Justin Bieber
Call Me, Maybe?, JCR
You Belong with Me, Tay
Tearin' Up My Heart, Nsync

If there was ever something someone should know about me, it's: I. Love. Karaoke.

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