Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why being sick sucks, other than the fact you're sick.

I hate being sick, yada yada who doesn't? I literally hate laying in bed out of necessity. I hate how my butt falls asleep, and my bed feels like it's the sun, but it's cold outside the bed, I HAVE NO CHOICE, no where to go, the couch? No, I'd have to take my pillow and blanket in there: not happening.

Other than that, there's numerous things that suck about being sick.

1.) You always sleep through all the shows you would love to watch while you're at work.
Price is Right and every single talk show you miss, because you have a 9-5'er. These TV shows are the ones you get excited about... and you'll sleep through them, but don't worry you'll wake up when TLC's "A Baby Story" is on, then you'll start taking all the birth control.

2.) You ate all the food last week.
You had powdered doughnuts and Mountain Dew last week, you ate/drank those and you're left with frozen veggies and lunch meat, ALL YOU WANT IS THAT MOUNTAIN DEW YOU LEFT OPEN AND HAD TO THROW OUT. This is why you always hide one Mountain Dew in the pantry.

3.) You run out of internet.
I've run out of internet a few times (luckily it replenishes itself frequently). When you're sick and you've slept (out of necessity) for 33 hours straight, you missed Ellen, and just need internet... it's literally all gone. The whole internet is gone, read, etc. Or worst, you're internet is being spotty/slow. THIS IS WHEN IT HAPPENS.

4.) The pizza won't be here for 1.5 hours, because the oven is down.
This happened.

5.) The medicine is in the cabinet, but you're sleeping and just wish your mom were around to get you a Mountain Dew and cough syrup...

6.) Your friends decide to actually be fun.
Seems like when you're sick you're friends actually want to go out and do things, it's everyone's birthday, and shots are free. People are posting fun pictures on Facebook and updating their Twitters from Harrison's Housewarming Party that has a bouncehouse.

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