Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sweat sweat, I WORK OUT.

Shirt and Cardi: H&M// Skirt: Target

So, one of the only things on my mind lately is working out and eating "OKAY," as I call it. I can't kick it. I had a couple of days couple of weeks ago where it hit me that I was eating terribly and not really putting forth much effort at the gym. I love sweating, I love veggies, I really enjoy how much body feels after a really good workout. I also hate those people that are like "GAH I LOEV THE GYM IT'S MY SECOND HOME LOVE TO SWEAT YUH BRAH."

But, since I've started getting a little more serious about it all I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I can't explain how my body feels, I'm really sore, but I feel so much lighter and my skin doesn't feel as dry? Is that even a thing? I have no idea honestly. I love it. I love pizza too, tho. Luckily pizza is basically a vegetable.

Oh and I did 10 pull ups last night. I'm kind of a bad ass.

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