Monday, May 13, 2013

All The (Good) Kisses!

Remember the first kisses that you can't help, but remember?

My first kiss was my first boyfriend in 9th grade, it was on his parents couch, if I can think back that far? Needless to say it didn't win any awards or prep me for the future of first kisses - which have been pretty freaking great.

The first one I remember blowing my mind was my ex of four years. We had just watched, ok, slept through a movie on the couch. We had outlasted the gathering I had earlier and fell asleep watching some made-for-TV movie, when my head fell on his shoulder and roused us. I remember thinking up the perfect line to get him to stay, "so do you want to set your alarm here?" Right?? So smooth. We laid on top of the covers facing one another, eyes closed, after (what felt like) ten minutes of zero action I decided to really just try and go to sleep, I knew he was shy but dude, I'm literally laying in a bed with you. Then he did it. Sometimes I catch myself smiling as I think of this kiss, it's the one i'll never forget, it was so unexpected at that point, it just worked. So the sweet kiss continued.

I remember the kiss that came after, because I did it. I was in an elevator with a man I knew was a rebound. He liked me, he had told me many times and I (being the asshole I can be) just wanted to feel something, anything, really. So there, in that Best Western Hotel elevator I went right up to him; it was the first time I had kissed another man in over four years. I felt free and had no idea if I was doing a good job. It was the first kiss I'd ever initiated - and a confidence booster in the ~i'm a lady putting the moves on you~ department.

I was sitting on a bed with a guy I knew was bad, bad news. I had heard stories about him, he wasn't the cutest, but even to this day I stand by him being the smoothest. He had 100% swept me off my feet and it was our second week of "hanging out," and he'd yet to kiss me. We were going out to the bar with his friends and while we were sitting on that bed awaiting the night I was starting to wonder what was going on, I mean I'd heard of his reputation and he was quick to strike, so what am I? Am I that bad?! That night after the bar we walked home, there in the lawn as we walked to the door I stopped and said, "What is it?! Why haven't you kissed me?!?!" he walked over to me and said, "Because I really like you and I didn't want to mess it up" then walked to the door; I followed, baffled. When I had finally dragged myself to the door he grabbed me and pushed me against the door. It was the first, first kiss that made my knees buckle - one part because I was so ready for the kiss to happen, one part because the bad boy liked me?

Then came the kiss I'd waited on for seven years, the only man I allowed to kiss me in a bar. He was my best friend and there was never a good time. It was Thanksgiving break and he was home and for once we were both single. He sat right in front of me as our friends sang karaoke, I can't remember the topic, but I remember the hand on my chin and the sincere look I got right before he did it. It wasn't extravagant, sloppy, or anything you'd expect of a memorable first kiss; it was just perfect for us. Afterwards he sat back and said, "i've waited seven years to do that." I love that boy so much, and I'm so glad it finally happened.

The last one that really sticks out is the first real date kiss; a boy I hadn't seen in years was home for the holidays and we decided to plan a get together; something to get fancy for, give us a reason to wear sequins and tails. He asked me on a date, a real date, you know... the date where they say the word "date," which I normally would have giggled and gone on about how busy I was the rest of the weekend, yet the first thing out of my mouth was, "yes," surprising even myself. Our date was the night before he flew home, we laughed over pumpkin ale and bar food. I was walked to my car where without hesitation I was pulled into him and pretty surprised by the kiss I didn't think would happen.

Here, here to the ones that made the cut; I really hope the ones that didn't never find this blog.

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