Friday, May 31, 2013

The 5 Types of Single Ladies I've Been

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Over the past 2.5 years (9-20 mo's of that being a tad less than single) I've noticed I've gone through my single girl phases and they go a little something like this...

1.) Owning It -
Also known as the 'newly single and everyone should know it' phase. I thought I would own my singledom, be all "single" on social media, dinners alone, trips alone, not gonna date anyone, it's fun being single, yay! OWNING IT? Right? In the end I was just making a spectacle of my single life and not having much fun. I was bored. Oh, man... so bored. Life got much funner upon stage 2.

2.) Date Someone, But Never, Ever Commit - 
Hehehehehe. How much fun is it to be single, but dating, right? It's not awful. I was dating a man, he was lovin' on me and so very sweet, but neither of us wanted to commit to being 100% exclusive; so what did we do? Obviously just continue to see one another until we found other people. It worked out for both of us. Well... ok, he's married and I'm still single, but I still say It worked out for both of us. ;) 

3.) I Should Probably Be Alone - 
I had something good and that was it. I mean I'm going to for sure be alone forever. Should I settle? Should I adopt at least nine felines? If I eat all the ice cream then my feelings will go away, right?

4.) Snap Out Of It - 
Get a haircut, get your brows did for God Sake, and shave your legs, you're going out with your girlfriends and you're going to own your singledom, not by announcing it to the bar, but by flirting and mingling. It's healthy, stop eating those Cheeze-Itz. Here comes the creeps and the ridiculous laughs you won't forget.

5.) A Healthy Dating Life That Doesn't Take Over Your Soul - 
It's taken awhile but I do feel like I finally have a grasp of how to be single, or not really single, but kind of single, now. It's my life, I can eat Cheeze-It's, but I don't have to do-so alone, unless I damn well please! I also have me time and them time and sexy time and mingle time. Dates, dinners, movies, and fun trips. Getting involved and knowing when to let go, of even the best thing you've had in awhile.

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