Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Things You've Missed

Since everything has gone sour you've missed a lot of firsts, like the first time I put my toes in the Pacific Ocean. I never got to tell you how fun Los Angeles was or how it felt to fly for the first time. I didn't tell you about the butterflies I got when I had my first kiss after you, how different it felt, how I cried days after. I never explained how I saw you a year later in church sitting directly across from me, maybe I didn't have to explain, considering we locked eyes.

Then there was that time I had a boyfriend that reminded me of you. Oops.

I eventually stopped worrying about what I hadn't shared with you, like my first trip to NYC and when I skied for the first time ever. You shouldn't know how I felt after my first rollercoaster.

Years, boyfriends, and firsts have passed; time and friends were the main things that got me through. I now realize firsts got me through too; that first kiss, plane ride, even those ice capped mountains I skied down are all time.

And time is good.

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