Thursday, July 11, 2013


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I once read something, "Once we had met, it was as if he had always been there."

What a common occurrence, right? I always wondered what happiness was like after you lose someone you love. It seems impossible to live properly or to really feel what you felt again. Such a traumatic event, really.
I used to run away from men, well, the idea of a man being any more a part of my life than the previous; keep them just close enough to never have to claim them. Run away from the idea that love could eventually happen with another person. It took me a long time to tell myself it was okay to feel something, but then you do... no not love, not just then, but eventually. 

Then you meet people that make you so happy you didn't have to live life in what seemed like a good thing. I loved my first and only love, most definitely... but I know now that through all things we think we might never survive, we grow. 
The silver lining is no longer, it's pure silver now. It's happiness, pure happiness that doesn't involve feeling that pain you felt for so long after you were broken. It's friendships and first kisses. It's meeting everyone you never thought you'd meet, trips, and making bar tabs to chat through.

Sometimes the best things are left in the time they were meant to happen...and end. It's hard to grasp that sometimes things have to end, sometimes good things have an expiration date. But that's why your heart has so many compartments, to leave all the memories so they can't haunt you... only remain a memory that you can eventually love for what it is: a memory of someone worth making one with.

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