Thursday, August 8, 2013


Shirt: LOFT// Skirt: Francescas// Belt: F21// Wedges: Target

I don't match, I don't match, I don't... care.

I've never understood the obsession with Shark Week. Sharks are really awesome and i'm 100% scared of them, maybe that's enough to have a week dedicated to them, who knows. I really like salmon though, it's so delicious, oysters too... so good, really. I'd take a week dedicated to eating salmon and oysters over watching the same shark week programs every year? BUT THAT'S JUST ME. I'M WEIRD I GUESS. 

Yuh Shark freaks............................

In other real Ambre news, my last week of work in Alabama is coming to an end and even my daily drives are getting sentimental. The things I took for granted are filling my thoughts, I'm missing people I never thought i'd miss... I almost asked the worst boyfriend - now ex - that I've had to have coffee to say goodbye? I'm seriously questioning most my true sanity lately. In any case, I'm attempting normal from here on out. Here, here!

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