Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome Wagon.

Arrived a little over a week ago. Things are calm and yet I'm winded. I haven't had time to think of this as anything other than a vacation, but I'm here to stay. It's gorgeous, I'm still in awe of the mountains when I'm driving to and from work / lunch. All in all: all's well, for once work aids in the normality of my new home. I've found comfort in my office, it's normal here, quiet, and I'm not constantly in site of a mountain range, sometimes I forget I'm in Colorado.

I miss my dog, my couple of friends left at home, mom, dad, and just the comfort "home" brought, but I'm so grateful for this -- ALL this. I'm thankful my 26th birthday gets to be spent in a new place... oh yeah, that's like, soon.... maybe I'll get my eyebrows done?

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