Friday, October 12, 2012

F words and age

I'm not an introvert. And this might get nasty. I never meant for this blog to go *there.*

Let me just say i'd talk to the wall if I had no choice. Sometimes I do and I have a choice. I have never been shy; ok, maybe when I was in grade school and when I thought slip on Nikes were cool and no one thought I was cool (btw the slip ons WERE cool, whatever). I know for a fact since ~20 I have been ridiculously friendly to everyone, then ~23 rolled around and I literally threw my hands in the air. I have been so friendly that I almost forget that I am worthy of picking who I want to be in my life. Not to say that anyone in my life is not ~worthy~ of me...I am just sick of the bullshit sometimes.

I cuss, esp when I mess up.
I like beer.
I like to go to bed early during the week.
Sometimes I just can't text you, because sometimes I am legit involved.
I take too many pictures of everything (esp babies and my dog).
I really enjoy my girlfriends, I love hanging out with them and talking about things I can't say out loud in mixed company.

Being from Alabama you are suppose to exude some sort of ~Southern Charm and Grace~. I feel like I can be charming and well, totally not graceful... but I don't think my charm is the tea length skirt and southern drawl kind.

I also think it's really stupid that I tried to change that about myself recently. It's not fair to the people I am around and it's so not fair to myself. It was fun to try though. There's something to say about that. I tried, totally failed, and realized I am exactly what I've hoped i'd become... totally me. I'm totally perfect for me. I refuse to apologize anymore, to feel bad for who i've become, the stances I take, and the boys I kiss.

I've also been taking zero outfit pictures lately. Oops.

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