Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winkers and their winking.

I have lots of feelings, and sometimes those feelings are towards things so miniscule, like emoticons.  

We've all watched it happen: text, Facebook, email. Winky Emoticons. Who even thought it was a good idea to put such a flirtatious form of emoticon out there? Someone who'd never been cheated or caught their significant other looking at their best friends tots, that's who. I'm one of the least jealous people I know, I am also a firm believer in Winky faces are straight up trouble unless you are 150% single. 

I mean why even use the Winky face unless you're flirting? You're not even winking when you're flirting in real life, but I get the idea behind it when you're online, trying to be coy, or something; the person is probably just embarrassed by you, tbh. If you have any kind of interest, significant other, then it is unacceptable to use a wink. Sorry, not sorry.

Here are ways to avoid the Winky Emoticon:

Hi! (sans wink)
Glad to hear you're good, we should all get together and catch up. (sans wink)
Great to see you the other night, my girlfriend told me to tell you she loved your dress. (sans wink)

If you feel so apt to use a Winky Emoticon please check yourself, your intentions, and choices.  

*If you're using a - (nose), you're embarrassing yourself and you're an asshole. Stop.

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