Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[eBay]boots (I bought before my budget start, k guys?)

Sunday wearings

Scarf: H&M// Maroon Shirt: Old Navy// Cardigan: Target// Skirt: H&M// 
Boots: Gianni Bini (eBay)// Purse: Joes Jeans

Went on a date with an old friend, good food, pumpkin ales (yes i'm holding on).

Anyways, before that, Lorna and I went to our old stomping grounds [Hollister Co.] (and her new-again stomping grounds) to pick up some manager-wear for her new management position with the company. I, being on a budget, walked out of the mall empty handed and feel great about it. Here, here to willpower! I did eat Taco Bell this weekend. I never said i'd be cured in a mere week, k?

Also, I ate so much chocolate cake [so fast] on Thanksgiving I literally gagged and almost barfed. 
No regrets.

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