Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I want to get a little real right now, because i'm overwhelmed with emotion this morning after Easter Service. I tuned in to my old church via (online streaming) and sometimes I forget the church that made church a positive message for me.

Seems silly, right? Church should always be a positive message, but it's just not. Maybe I'm "wrong" in this feeling, maybe I should step into all churches and feel Jesus everytime, but sometimes I step into a church and couldn't feel farther from God.

Now, I'm not a uber religious person and in most cases people would probably say i'm not religious at all, but little secret... I love Jesus and my home church and being surrounded by that feeling of love [every Sunday]. I don't make the best choices, right choices, most Jesus-centered choices enough... but that's okay. I fall off more times than not, but either way I am loved and that is what I want out of a church, a community of people who know why I'm there and that it might not always be the same story and that I could have majorly messed up this week, but that doesn't mean I am loved less.

I believe in my faith, the hope I have, the prayers I pray, the life I live/love... and I love that. I love this life, this stupid, confusing, lovely life I have been given and to feel like I do when I am at Crosspoint is a feeling you don't always feel in certain lights. Crosspoint makes me feel warm, loved, and just... normal.

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