Thursday, April 25, 2013

Excuse My Poor Leg

Shirt: Anthro// Skirt: F21// Shoes: Seychelle 

You guysssss... it's NFL draft day, which means football is in the air. I love the feeling of the South + Football. It's like no other. Every weekend is filled to the brim with football, food, and beer!

I'm ready to watch a little Saints football. Maybe even a little college football. It's the South; I've never been one to watch many college games, but I figure this year would be a good year to embrace my inner Southern Lady and maybe, JUST MAYBE, go see a couple college games. With Auburn's season as it stood last year I might wait until they're doing better to see a game involving them, unless it's a vs. LSU. The closest college team would be Vandy or Bama. I owe it to myself (and my coffee cup) to see a Row Tide , but I definitely want to tailgate a Vandy game this season as well. I don't know you guys, but... football. I'm so pumped!

oh and.. Geaux Saints!

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