Wednesday, April 24, 2013

(no subject): Writing It Down

Sometimes I feel like I should write everything down, the memories, the people, the trips! I should vow to always remember them sincerely and in their moment, their specific moment.

It's crazy the times you sit and just remember and are in awe of the kindness that was/is shown to you by people. I feel so blessed (and I hate when people use that word). I have come across people that I will know forever and some I will never speak to again, I've gone on trips, I've hopped on planes, driven to Chicago on a whim. These are things I'll always remember and these are people I'll always find in my heart. What's funny is it doesn't end and the friendships never stop, the trips don't end, the excitement continues. That's the good in it, yanno?

Today I'm just so happy. 

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