Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I think I'm In Love.

Dress: H&M// Cardigan: Banana Republic

Totally bought this dress in LA two years ago, while visiting friends; It was my first time flying and I flew.. alone. It was such a moment for me, not only did I have to be a badass and figure out flying (alone), but I had to navigate Houston's Airport without even knowing how to read those boards with the gate information on them (THEY CHANGE? NO ONE TOLD ME THEY CHANGE). I was finally visiting a place that wasn't "driving" distance and I was flying. Instantly fell in love. I love flying so much. I will throw down money on a plane ticket so quick, you'd think I was actually making enough money to do so! Since that day, between a 25 minute layover, getting lost in the terminal, and not understanding why they were taking my luggage to stow in the undercarriage because it was a carry-on, I want to fly everywhere... and I do. I recently got back from Denver and I will say it was one of the best landings ever... I got to land in a sea of mountains covered in snow at 9am, in my PROFESSIONAL opinion the best time to look at mountains covered in snow.
So... here's my Denver trip (with zero plane photos)...

Hiking in Boulder:

Sunday Brunches (there was Beermosa's):

Skiing at Breck:

Boozin' with friends at Breck:

Blizzard in Downtown Denver:

Red Rocks were pretty BA:

Oh, Denver.

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