Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Dreams You Remember.

Sweater: F21// Skirt: Target// Shoes: Anthropologie

Last night I had a ridiculous dream about a girl that haunted me when I was younger; she was the girl that was the threat to my relationship. I hadn't ever felt that before and all the sudden I wanted to be her, because she wasn't the boring girlfriend... she was the sexy temptress. I remember not feeling sexy enough for him, cool enough, or just enough. I went through this for about 6 months after my encounter with her our relationship inevitably ended. It was sad, freeing, and I vowed to never let another person make me feel like second to anyone; I think I've become really sensitive to that feeling and when I feel it I shut down. Sometimes I make an effort to not just feel it, but to give the person a chance to redeem themselves, but it's hard to just let go of a feeling that killed your insides for so long.

Hey. Where did my coffee go? Why is my mug empty? There's a coffee drinking gnome running around my office, I swear it.

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