Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ah Sweet Sheets.

Dress & Sunnies: H&M

You know those moments when you lay in your bed, on fresh sheets, with your whole life in order? I had that moment last night.

I was surrounded by order and had just made a cup of tea. There's something about having a cup of tea or coffee in a moment where all things are in order and there's nothing to worry about; It's the ultimate definition of serenity.

I find these moments a lot more since I started doing yoga. Yeah, I know, I know... seems so cliche and annoying, but I get it now. After years of "trying" yoga and hating it, I get it. I accept that the stretching is much more and I have really come to understand Shavasana.

I used to get so pissed at the end of Yoga class because I knew I couldn't just up and leave before the teacher told us to lay on our back and close our eyes. How am I suppose to do that?! I just did a really hard work out and moved in ways my body should not move, now you want me to lay for HOW MANY MINUTES? 5?! Relax my tongue? How does one even relax a tongue? One day, I finally relaxed my tongue. I get the peacefulness that comes with letting it go, swimming in a sea of thoughts, floating away from those thoughts, and breathing. Who knew breathing was so important?

So... I like yoga and laying in a bed of fresh sheets with a cup of hot tea. Who am I?! It's almost as great as buying a new dress... ah, there she is!

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