Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Bullshit... and Love.

Weekend in Nashville! I fell so hard Denver I had almost forgotten that/why I loved Nashville so much. It's so hard being in love with two cities, but Nashville has such a deep place in my heart, maybe it's because I have this group of girls who all vow we will be living there (together) in five years. Anyways, what a great weekend, despite the rain. We celebrated Kacy's Graduation and Cinco De Mayo all weekend... so it was 100% drinks, food, and getting a chance to hang out with my girlfriends (and that cute boy up there: Kacy's Fiance).

There's so much that's about to change with my group of girlfriends. We've been pretty much inseparable for two years and in the next year we will all be living in different places, scattered throughout the world, yes... world. I am trying so hard to get in my time and really be there, talk to them, and just be aware of our friendship. I love our relationship so much, each of my girlfriends is such a different person, but somehow it makes us so much more compatible. We've all become great friends, we know each others moms, we travel together, have seen each other use the bathroom too many times, pick each other up when we've done something stupid/end up somewhere stupid, and eat off each others plates.

I vow this... to always love these girls, no matter how far away they are, because that's what you do... you love people through the shit, distance, and dumb choices, even when it's hard. That's what a relationship is, it's bullshit, and love.

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