Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The List I Like To Be Long.

Things I am: 
Patient (for only so long)
The driver in my group of friends
The crier behind closed doors
The shortest
The one that can't make a decision on anything
The lover of girls with lots of tattoos, the girl with only one
The one that is still in search of the perfect tee
Too nice
Creeped out by men, easily
The kisser (cheeks, foreheads, lips)
A butt grabber
The one who likes to walk everywhere
Lover of all things furry
A self proclaimed non-local Nashvillian
Not good at phone interviews
Good at painting my nails (even the right) 
Blessed to be surrounded by people that truly love me
Still a bit broken hearted deep down
The one that over shares and trusts too easily
Proud of myself
Good at not breaking my phone
Bad at saying no to favors
The one that will buy you a coffee
a sale shopper
The one that buys thin shirts
The coffee addict
The lover of a good Christian song
The one that likes hotel beds
Believer of equality, supporter of Gay Marriage
The believer that our faith doesn't make us a good person
The one that picks boots over heels anyday
The maker of friends in any situation
Truly happy
A best friend to more than one
Easily annoyed before my coffee

Things I am not: 
Patient (after a week)
Able to stay out past 1am (and be excited about it)
Good at keeping a blog theme
Ace at refusing sweets
The best at wearing my glasses

Whether my "Things I Am" list is full of the good (furry lover) or bad (broken hearts are never that great), I always want it to be bigger, fuller, and broad(er). I want to be all the things, feel it all, laugh, cry, dance, sale shop forever. I want to notice it all, take it all in. I like that.

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